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The Everything Oil™

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For those times when you pick your skin, PickFix™ is here to the rescue to help soothe irritated skin and to help minimize scarring. 

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For best results, use The Everything Oil™ twice daily on cleansed skin. Apply several drops to palms and press into face, eye area, lips, neck and décolletage.


3-5 drops


Use twice daily, AM + PM


Add a drop of The Everything Oil™ to your foundation for a more air brushed application look. You can also add a drop to your favorite facial mask for added product efficacy and increased glow.

It provides gentle physical and chemical exfoliation with apricot microspheres and BHA from white willow bark to minimize skin congestion and give you a healthy looking, radiant glow. Best way to finish off a skincare routine because it leaves you looking dewy. Put on top of sunscreen if that's too mattifying.

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✋ Feels

A luxurious and decadent oil. This medium weight oil spreads easily over your face.

👃 Smells

An earthy wheat smell envelops your face when you use this oil. It's very warm and simple. There are no additives or perfumes to detract from its magnificent performance. What you are smelling is the potent results driven Prickly Pear Seed Oil that is doing the work to help provide glowy, healthier skin for all skin types and skin concerns. The smell tells you it’s pure and in its most effective state!

👅 Sensations

The oil feels warm and welcoming. It spreads easily across the face.

The Cla Ims

The Everything Oil™ is a revolutionary skin care product that replaces or improves the efficacy of all other products in your skin care routine + benefits everyone...all ages, all genders, all skin types

Beauty executives and best friends, Susan Carter and Sara Jane went on a decade long journey to find one skin care product that would do it all. The end result of their amazing adventure exceeded their wildest expectations...The Everything Oil is here!

The Carter + Jane mission is to formulate the most effective organic skin care on the effective that you don't feel like you are giving up product performance by moving to a clean product. Instead, you have the confidence that you are using the most effective skin care on the market, that just happens to be organic. We believe in equality and kindness for people, planet and pets.

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We've partnered with a 100% European Eco-Certified organic farm in Morocco and a co-op of Berber women who harvest the prickly pear seeds with care.

The seeds are ready to be cold pressed, and the A3 Concentrate™ is formulated.
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