Mandarin Cleansing Milk



Mandarin Cleansing Milk

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4.1 oz $45.00


This is the first step of any skin care regimen


Size of a nickel


May be used day and night but recommended for evening use. Use our detoxifying Geothermal Clay Cleanser in the morning.


Originally created for professionals (estheticians) this product is
hardworking, brightening and hydrating. For make-up wearers we suggest
using it as part of your evening cleansing routine.

I love this nourishing cleansing milk because of its clean, citrus scent and non-stripping formulation that goes on as a creamy-gel.

— Le CultureClub

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✋ Feels

Creamy, and slightly foaming

👃 Smells

A delicious citrus comprising of grapefruit and orange

👅 Sensations

It was milky and had a light foam when lathered

The Cla Ims

- Hydrates
- Reduces discoloration
- Balances oil production

When Maya Crothers–a Wharton School MBA and Engineer–found herself living in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, she also found that her skin was not a fan of her new location.

A bit of a skin care junkie, Maya had plenty of luxurious options in her arsenal–but nothing worked in the harsh Jackson Hole weather. And nothing offered her the clean options that she was so passionate about.  So, she put her frustration, and her engineering mind, to work.  Her goal was to produce skin care with a real dedication to performance and clean, loaded with dermatologist grade performance ingredients and combined with elements of nature–clays, essential oils, herbal extracts and marine-based elements. Oh, and it had to work wherever she traveled.

The result is Cirrcell®–a hybrid of Circle, meaning whole and balanced, and Cellular indicating real change. A performance-based, unparalleled experience that performs elegantly in any climate, adjusting to your needs.

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Bringing together REAL performance ingredients - like medical grade gas carriers, vegan growth factors, plant based stem cells, stable vitamin C, peptides, stable collagen - and delivering them in clean formulations can be incredibly challenging. Our clean standards are the highest in the industry for a true performance brand, one that is bringing dermatologist grade performance.

We work with some of the most prominent formulators in the industry to create performance based, luxurious, beautiful formulations that are CLEAN. This process in intricate, iterative and time consuming but the end results are worth it!
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