Gold Supreme Cooling and Tightening Eye Gel with 24k Gold



Gold Supreme Cooling and Tightening Eye Gel with 24k Gold

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.51 oz $50.00


Made with 24k Gold nanoparticles to brighten your skin around the eyes and minimize visible signs of aging. Butcher’s broom and goldenrod reduce dark circles and puffiness. Aloe Vera delivers a cooling effect.


Use one pump for both eyes.


Twice Daily. Apply morning and night to cleansed skin around the eyes.


This luxurious gel stands out from your typical eye cream.

— Le CultureClub

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✋ Feels

A medium weight gel.

👃 Smells

A light floral scent.

👅 Sensations

A clear gel with gold powder and flakes. It leaves a golden glow to your under eye area.

The Cla Ims

100% of women reported increased skin moisture level
95% of women reported increased skin elasticity
95% of women reported decrease of dark circles and puffiness 
90% of women noticed an immediate skin-lifting effect
*consumer study on 18 women, 40-67 years old, after 4 weeks of regular usage (applied 3-4 times a week)

We’re here to democratize natural skincare and ensure local beauty secrets from around the world are accessible to all. You should love your skin at any age, and we want to help you do that.

We believe you deserve to pamper your skin with the best ingredients out there. Taking inspiration from local skincare secrets, we source an unprecedented variety of the finest natural ingredients being used around the world. We started in 2013 by providing botanical ingredients to well known beauty brands in Europe. Believing in clean ingredients that promote wellness, we saw an opportunity to create our own brand, and offer them directly to you.

We leverage the unique knowledge of women across cultures and generations to deliver the highest quality cosmetics. Every place on Earth has rich flora with unique benefits – female chemists at our family-owned lab in Poland harness these natural resources to create safe, clean and effective skincare formulas they’re proud to use themselves. We put women first every step of the way which is why we’re committed to employing only women at our lab, and above all, supporting their growth. The best skincare for women is created by women themselves.

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All HERLA formulas are created in our family-owned lab in Poland by our team of female chemists. We work with Polish research institutes to test our products for safety and effectiveness.

Every ingredient we use undergoes a number of tests by its manufacturer. All of our products are made in EU. Our packaging (bottles, jars etc.) come from Italy.
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