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Néroli Eye Serum

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Pair this eye serum with the Neroli Facial Oil.

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Nectar de Néroli - Facial Oil Elixir

Use this eye serum after cleansing and toning, but before moisturizing. 


Roll onto orbital bone after cleansing, and gently pat with ring finger until well absorbed. 


1-2 times a day 


Store in a cool place. The metal rollerball will act as a cool applicator on the skin.  

We are big fans of this applicator which allows you to give your under eye area a little massage as your apply.

— - Le CultureClub

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✋ Feels

A lightweight  oil

👃 Smells

A mix of a faint floral scent and an earthy oil

👅 Sensations

Create a dewy resonance on your under eye area

The Cla Ims

A hydrating, powerful blend of essentials oils to ease under-eye puffiness and eliminate fine lines 

Our mission is to provide customers with a line of beautiful skin, hair, and body products that are luxurious, ethically-sourced, and reflective of the spirit of French Girls everywhere.

Dedicated to lessening our environmental impact, FRENCH GIRL is extremely mindful of our packaging, water usage, and ingredients. We select sustainably-sourced botanical ingredients that are vegan and organic, utilize powders and essential oil distillates in place of water, and ensure all of our packaging is recyclable and sourced from small and/or local businesses. And of course, FRENCH GIRL’s entire product line of luxury skincare is tested on French Girls, never on animals. 

Additionally, FRENCH GIRL believes strongly in philanthropy and social awareness, and has a passion for giving back. To show our appreciation for the environment, our community, and humanity at large, FRENCH GIRL donates $1 of every purchase of our best-selling Rose Lip Polish to charitable organizations that support planetary wellness, empowerment of women and girls, and preservation of our natural resources.

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Inspired by nature and its potent ingredients, FRENCH GIRL products promote healthy aging by employing time-tested ingredients and extraction methods.

Methods include: organic cold-pressed oils that retain all of the antioxidants and fatty acids essential to skin health and floral hydrosols that contain many of the same benefits as the essential oils from which they are distilled. We use clean, therapeutic salts that contain important trace minerals from ancient seas and source traditionally harvested French Grey salt from the clay-lined salt ponds in the Guérande region of France. Our organic flower powders, some of which are ground in-house and used to formulate our bestselling floral facial polishes, provide luscious scent and texture that elevate their use into a spa-like experience.
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