Absolute Purity™ Toner


Tracie Martyn

Absolute Purity™ Toner

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Hydrating botanicals plump the skin with moisture while naturally antibacterial and soothing ingredients work in tandem with the Absolute Purity™ Toner to banish breakouts and calm redness.  

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Complexion Savior®

After cleansing, apply toner to a cotton pad and swipe it over the entire face and neck. Alternatively, if you're not looking for extra cleansing benefits, apply directly to the face with your hands.


2-3 pumps on a cotton pad, 1-2 if applied directly to the face with hands


Twice daily, morning and night 


When applying the toner with a cotton pad, pre-dampen pad with purified water and squeeze out excess before adding the toner. This way, the product stays on the surface instead of absorbing into the cotton.

The Cla Ims

Helps clear and calm skin while improving the appearance of pores. Redness will be reduced and skin will look brighter and more even with a luminous glow over time.

Originally from the UK, Tracie was working in New York as a makeup artist with legendary photographers like Mario Testino and Annie Leibovitz in the late ‘90s when she met Marius, who was studying nutrition and Eastern medicine.

Tracie found that her high-profile clients’ lifestyles mainly consisted of smoking, unhealthy foods, and a surplus of alcohol and noise. To undo damage, they often turned to invasive treatments like fillers and facelifts.

With this in mind, Tracie and Marius made it their mission to offer an alternative, wellness-driven approach to beauty. They developed a unique microcurrent machine, the Resculptor®, to give clients the immediate lifting and tightening they desired. Tracie started using the machine on models and word of the magical currents quickly spread through the fashion industry. The first Tracie Martyn spa opened in 2000 with a feature in Vogue and was visited by clients like Uma Thurman, Cyndi Lauper, and Brad Pitt.

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